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~ Contents ~ Basic Text Talk ~ Topic 3 ~ Talking About Visitors ~

Pre-Talk ~ Past Tense Verbs ~ Print: .docx /.doc


Past tense verbs are used to talk about events beginning and ending in the past.


Question forms:

1) Did + noun/pronoun + simple present verb + adverb/phrase

    (Did you get any e-mail/e-mails yesterday?)

2) Wh– question + did + noun/pronoun + simple present verb + adverb/phrase

    (Who did you get an e-mail from yesterday?)


Example questions:


Q1: Who did you meet (last weekend)?

Q2: What did you eat (for breakfast)?

Q3: Where did you go (last Saturday)?

Q4: How many times did you clean your home (last month)?

Q5: What did you do (on your last birthday)?


List of past tense verbs (regular –ed and irregular other than –ed):


ate  drank   cooked   brushed   ran   walked   smiled   laughed   cried   went   came   wrote   studied   took   


washed   combed   opened   closed   sat   stood   shared    brought   read   sang   listened   counted   had


drew  played   thought   called   met   talked   told   gave   said   slept   got up    woke up     watched


List of adverbs of time:

yesterday, a minute ago, a few days ago, last Saturday, last time, last week, a week ago, several weeks ago, a long time ago, not long ago, a while ago, this morning, yesterday afternoon, last night...


Make some of your own questions using past tense verbs...


Talk ~ Role Play


A) How was your visit with your relatives?


B) It was OK. We met at ________________________________________ .


A) What did you do there?


B) We  _______________________ and __________________________ .


A) Did you have a good time?


B1) No, not at all.

B2) Well, it wasn't bad.

B3) Yes, very much .


A) Tell me about it.


B1) Well, first of all, ____________________________________________ .


B2) The good thing was __________________________________________.


B3) What a great time We _______________ and then ___________________.


A) When will you meet them again?


B) Probably ___________________________________________________ .


A) What will you do?


B) I don't know, maybe we will ____________________________________________ .

How to Make a Lesson ~ Procedures                                                             Print Role Plays: .docx / .doc


1)   To begin with, as a class, in groups, in pairs, look up, talk about, and practice the role play vocabulary

2)   Then, fill in the blanks according to the topic (assisted by students, the teacher, and the internet)

3)   After that, as a class, in groups, or in pairs, practice the role plays you have created

4)   Next, try to make variations in your responses (remember role plays doní»t have to be true)

5)   Finally, perform your role play in front of the class with a partner or several partners

       (Challenge yourself by performing the role play with no written cues. Enjoy the process)